Imba Diaspora is a gospel singing talent show held in North Carolina, USA. The competition focuses on recognizing singing talent of Africans living and working in the United States and Canada. The Imba Diaspora aims to discover, promote and develop talents of Africans in the diaspora.

Imba Diaspora is also affiliated to Magufulika International Foundation. Magufulika International Foundation is a Non Profit Organization register with State of North Carolina, a Public Charity under IRC section 501(C)(3).

The Imba Diaspora talent show also seeks to raise awareness about Autism and develop talents of children living with Autism. The Imba Diaspora talent show achieves this by raising funds for Magufulika International Foundation. The Charity also promotes the growth of Gospel Artists and bridging the gap between Africa and US.

Gospel music is something from the soul and it is a Tremendous Gift from GOD!!!!


Pastor / Guitarist


Christian music from Africa is so incredibly AWESOME and Christians from Africa should use this website as A PLACE TO SHARE 

THEIR TALENT with the WORLD!!! "


Dean White