Each of the web conferences will last for approximately 1 hour. Below is a breakdown of the web conference:

  • Introduction: 5 minutes

  • Class: 45 minutes 

  • Q&A: 10 minutes

  • Initial Web Conference - March 29th 2018

  • 2nd Web Conference - April 12th 2018

  • 3rd Web Conference - April 26th 2018

  • 4th Web Conference - May 10th 2018




  • The maximum number of contestants to be picked during the auditions are 24

  • Out of 24 contestants who will proceed to the Semi Finals held on May 19th 2018, only 10

    contestants will proceed to the Finals held on July 20th 2018.

  • On the first day of the Finals, 5 contestants will be eliminated. Only 5 contestants will

proceed to the last stage of the finals. Only 3 out of 5 final contestants will receive awards.

The 10 elected contestants for the Semi Finals will attend a Bootcamp between May 29th - June 4th, 2018. The contestants will perform activities including but not limited to:

✓ Vocal Training

✓ Exercise/Personal Fitness Training

✓ Dietician

✓ Personal Finance/Investment Coaching

✓ Leadership Training

✓ Spiritual Leadership Training

- Magufulika International Foundation is the official sponsor of the Imba Diaspora Talent Show. Magufulika International Foundation is a non-profit that strives to improve the lives of children with autism.

- As a show of appreciation, contestants will serve the autism community on the following dates:

๏ June 14th - June 17th, 2018


- Below are some of the activities that contestants will perform:

  • Picnic and games

  • Talent Show

  • Cook out, games, and outdoor music

  • Visit facilities and schools for children with autism

  • Perform other volunteer services


-  The talent show finals will be held in North Carolina (NC) on Friday July 21st, 2018. The judges will select the top 5 gospel artists who will complete on Saturday July 22nd, 2018 for the top 3 positions.

-  On Saturday July 22nd, 2018, the judges will select the top gospel talent and provide their final remarks. The top 3 gospel artists will also receive awards.

-  Guest artists will also perform live on Saturday July 22nd, 2018